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A life long dream was fulfilled when we bought our river shore holiday house on the Mosel several years back and a little after we settled in, we immediately fell in love with the neighboring house. A couple of years later the house came up for sale, and after toying with the idea, we finally purchased the house and this marked the beginning of a new adventure and a new life journey.

Within one year we were able to restore the Alte Winzerhaus, expressing its true charm with a country house feel that sleeps up to eight people. Our original intention once we finished the restoration was to stop there and rent the Alte Winzerhaus as a short-term holiday rental, but as fate would have it, one by one, the neighboring houses came up for sale. These houses were anything but charming and inviting to begin with, but they all had potential and with passion and fantasy, along with fantastic craftsmanship the Senhalser Höfe was born.

We were lucky enough to travel the world a lot, both leisurely and as a part of our medical research and each time we were always fascinated by old and unique stone work that owners were able to breath new life into and create something stylish that felt alive. The very best souvenirs that we collected over the years are the ideas that we were able to use when creating the Senhalser Hoefe.

For us the three most beautiful places on earth are Damouchari in Greece, Siargao, a tiny island in the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean and last but not least, Senhals. This small village on the Moselle, either by accident or coincidence has become our new home away from home.


Das romantische Ensemble aus zwei Apartments und drei Ferienhäusern ist ein Traum! Zauberhaft mit Garten an einer Flussschleife gelegen, detailverliebt und geschmackvoll witzig-modern eingerichtet.   Brigitte  10/2014

Auf dem parkähnlichen Grundstück am Flussufer wächst Lavendel, die Apartments und Ferienhäuser sind mit Designmöbeln und Trödlerfundstücken eingerichtet. Einer der schönsten Moselschlafplätze.   GeoSaison  03/2012 

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